Sunday, June 04, 2006

For Oiler fans, this result bytes!

Those wishing to take advantage of the sunnier spring weather and forgo the traditional viewing of the Stanley Cup playoffs, can head for the sun knowing that it won't be the Oilers year.

2KSports the California based computer game maker of NHL2K6 has run a simulation series between the Hurricanes and the Oilers, and while it will be a nail biter of a series going the full seven games, in the end the Oil apparently will come up on the short end of the scoreboard.

In simulation games run at the California headquarters, the Hurricanes win the Stanley Cup in a game seven showdown, edging the Oilers 3-2 with Hurricane Eric Staal slaying the Oilers with two goals in the deciding game.

The series will be quite close if it follows the NHL 2K6 script, as five of the seven games will be decided by one goal. So that's that, the remarkable run for the Oilers will have come to an end at the press of gamepad button. One flick of the wrist and it could have been all different as the processor computed the options and gave the Hurricanes the win and the cup.

Now, does 2KSports have a simulation for the Edmonton Police who will have to deal with a disappointed mob not quite as easily dealt with as a computer simulation?

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