Friday, June 23, 2006

Mighty No More

The Anaheim Ducks have eliminated the adjective in their official name, dropping the Mighty from any further reference to the Southern California hockey team. In addition to the change of name, the Ducks have also changed colours and logo as they eliminated all traces of the Disney corporations 13 years with the hockey team.

When the team was sold by Disney last year, there was talk that the Mighty would soon be a thing of the past as the new owners Henry and Susan Samueli strived to put their stamp on the franchise. With Brian Burke brought on to oversee the new look Ducks, the image is that of a more phsyical and less cartoonish looking logo and colour scheme.

The Ducks will now be dressed in gold and black, with accents of orange and white. More fearsome colours than their previous purple and teal combination, now to see if the team will reflect its new, more powerful colour scheme!

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