Monday, June 19, 2006

Everything Stanley!

Game Seven, the thing that kids' dreams are made of. From the street hockey games, to the nights on the pond to the early morning practices of a suburban hockey rink, every kid dreams of being the go to guy (or gal), the one that puts the final goal of the season away. The hero of the Stanley Cup playoffs. There are two line ups of potential heroes for tonights climax to the NHL season.

To get you in the mood for game time, some selected readings from the wired universe about tonights, final showdown.

Runaway train to Cup
Weight takes pre-game skate
Agony or Ecstasy
Oilers have edge in leadership
Lots at steak
Cole in their stove
Don't Let Up Battle Cry for game 7
No Cane Do
Hoping to be a part of that rich history
"P" stands for
Reflecting on old memories
Torres contributing a new trait
The fatigue factor
Brind'Amour has company
Cole makes a suprise return
Home Ice
Oilers vow hit parade will continue
Zebras in eye of the Hurricanes
Oilers peak at right time
Cole: Playing is worth the risk
Things you might not know about Game 7
Oilers take it to the limit
Hurricanes out of options
Interesting decisions
Hurricanes won't storm back, win cup
Hurricanes try to avoid giant collapse
Canes' hope Coles return brings some luck
Brind'Amour takes the heat
Final gone to trench warfare
Hurricanes must bring it all
Hurricanes on edge of disaster
History favors Hurricanes in game 7
The ultimate sporting drama
Intrigue surrounds Stanley Cup finale
No Bit parts
And the sooner you come up with them
Seven's what we all dream of
Time to bring the Cup back home

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