Saturday, June 17, 2006

Bulletin Board Motivation

The Carolina Hurricanes don't need this kind of aggravation, not only are the Edmonton Oilers showing much in the signs of life department all of a sudden, but now they have something tangible to put on their bulletin board and say "see, they say it's all over!".

The monthly memorbilia magazine Beckett Monthly, has just sent a press run of 60,000 issues into the world with the front page declaration "Canes win the Cup!", with time apparently running out on the magazine to make a decision, they figured that Carolina was so in control of the series that they surely would be the winners by the time the magazine made it to news stands.

The only problem it seems is that nobody told the Oilers that the presses were running and Carolina had won. No doubt they'll be relishing the opportunity to make life difficult not only for the Canes but for Beckett as well. With the series set for a game six showdown in Edmonton Saturday night, the folks at Becketts are looking the possiblity of becoming a collectors item of their own.

Should the Oilers win Saturday and then take game seven back in Carolina next week, the Canes win the Cup issue will be right up there with Dewey Wins and other famous missed calls of history.

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