Thursday, May 31, 2007

A game for friends and family

The US television ratings for Game Number one of the Stanley Cup playoffs were released today. And it would seem despite the amazing success of the Ducks, not many folks were inclined to watch.

Versus which carried games one and two, has a potential audience of 72 million American eyeballs to attract. However, Monday night’s game came up some 71 million 500 thousand short of a full house.

Versus registered less than 1 per cent of the television viewing public on Monday night, attracting only 523,000 households in the entire United States. Down 22% from last year.

Wednesday night wasn't much better, in fact it actually got worse. Anaheim's 1-0 victory over Ottawa in Game 2 recieved a 0.6 cable rating on Versus and was watched in 446,000 homes in the United States.
In Canada, the news was a little brighter as the CBC's presentation of Game 1 of the Stanley Cup final averaged 2,608,000 viewers on CBC, down from last year's opening night totals of 3 million, but still light years ahead of what is happening below the 49th.

Versus surrenders the rights now to NBC which picks up the broadcast schedule at game three Saturday night in Ottawa. With numbers like those above, Versus is probably just as glad to be moving on to to the regular diet of xtreme cage fighting, Australian pro rodeo and fly fishing competitions.

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