Monday, February 27, 2012

Deadline Day 2012 10 am to Noon (7am over on the West coast)

The third hour of the breathtaking pace of wheeling and dealing is underway and we're where we were when we awoke from our slumber a few hours ago, awaiting the first trade of the day.

TSN continues on with their review of where the Montreal Canadiens are on this trade deadline day, with Chris Campoli apparently the most likely candidate to change his code postale as the clock ticks down.

It's off to Bristol, Conn and ESPN for a look in with Pierre LeBrun for the TSN crew, Rick Nash again is the subject of discussion, LeBrun once again throws a wee bit of cold water on the no trade for Nash theme of the day thus far.

Bob McKenzie has the hot rumour of the day, with Andrei Kostitsyn destined for Music City, they test out the sound effects for good measure just to be sure.

Sportsnet is back to the strategy room as they have been at the top of each hour thus far, the loquacious GM's reliving the Andy Bathgate deal of 1964, and now Sportsnet has the rumblings about Kostitsyn and they ratchet up the wish for a Nash trade, with a radio report that has the Blue Jackets talking with the Sharks and Leafs for Nash.

We have one of our first of what we imagine will be ongoing reports live from outside the Blue Jackets practice arena, no doubt awaiting puffs of white smoke to appear in the Columbus sky.

Sportsnet offers up the first picture of a team bus in recent memory, and in this case its the Montreal bus and no one has been thrown under it yet, we also learn that HockeyCentral trade deadline has Coors as a sponsor, the Beer wars are underway nicely in this morning period.

Sportnset also offers up the chance to create your own trades, which as things stand thus far could be the closest we get to any real action yet, we can follow along at home on twitter we are reminded.

And now it's off to Winnipeg to learn if the Jets will be looking to move some pieces as they seek to grab a playoff spot in the east. Quiet is the impression we get out of River city, with little in the way of movement anticipated.

TSN with no new trades to discuss, goes back to a few days with an interview with Jack Johnson who now is a Blue Jacket. A few how do you dos and they ask Johnson his thoughts on the Rick Nash rumblings, Johnson says its a pleasure to play with him, don't get too attached there Jack.

I'ts improv time for TSN as they look back at the winners and losers...  of 2011.

Sportsnet has video of Brian Burke's SUV, nice looking ride and he has a primo parking spot too, management does have its privileges.

As we cross over the half hour mark of hour three, both networks are in commercial, off to the coffee maker we go...

And as they come out of commercial both networks have word of the first trade of the day

10:35 AM (7:35 PT) Nashville has acquired Andrei Kostitstyn from Montreal, he now is reunited with his brother Sergei in Music City, no confirmation on what Montreal gets in return but they reportedly have gained the rights to Alex Radulov in the trade, is this the start of an exodus from Montreal?  Update: the Habs gain a 2nd round pick in 2013 and a conditional 5th round pick in 2013.

Turning away from the first trade of the day, TSN takes a look at the Edmonton Oilers and where they might be on this trade deadline day for 2012.

Sportsnet's strategy room in the meantime examines the Kostitsyn deal, the consensus is that Montreal might have been a winner, moving the enigma of Kostitsyn to Nashville, for what could be a solid pick up.

Breathless coverage of the return of Brian Burke to the Air Canada centre, a peek into the Senators War Room and its off to a commercial for Sportsnet.

TSN continues on with their look at the Oilers, Darren Pang is urging patience for the Oilers faithful.

Both networks take a breather as we cross over the top of the hour and into hour four of the day long marathon.

11 to Noon ET, 8 am to 9 am PT

And with deals reportedly percolating or so we're told, we still sit at but one trade thus far in our Trade Deadline festivities.

Sportsnet opens up hour four with a review of the top five big trades of the Ottawa Senators.

TSN takes us to the Reporters panel, sans Mr. Hodge, they are discussing the different GMs and the level of difficulty that they're teams face these days, not so much trouble for Detroit a wee bit more in Dallas it seems.

TSN tees up the situation in Calgary, with a review of their needs and where Jay Feaster may go coming up after the break they tell us.

Sportsnet checks in with Bryan Murray in Ottawa, discussing the pick up yesterday of Ben Bishop to shore up their goaltending.  He gives no real indication as to whether Auld or Bishop will eventually become Craig Anderson's back up once his hand heals.

It's off to the Strategy room as the assembled alumni of GM's once again discuss what Brian Burke will want to achieve on this deadline day.

TSN is examining the prospects on Long Island and what Garth Snow may wish to try and achieve today. It's time for Trade Bait once again, a listing of those potential trading pieces available.

Sportsnet turns to Nick Kypreos and Jim Shannon to examine the goaltender sweeps, with Toronto and Washington apparently the most anxious to shore up their own end of the rink today.

With few trades to report on, that would be one so far, Kypreos and Shannon suggest things will heat up as we get closer to the Noon hour in the east.

Stephen Brunt and the radio panel is up next for Sportsnet as they head off to commercial.

TSN is back with Darren Pang and Ray Ferraro how and if Calgary can improve enough this season, with little on the farm to help them out.

Sportsnet checks in with Craig Patrick who is an advisor in Columbus, nothing new on the Nashwatch (TM) they then shift to Toronto where Brian Burke outlines that not much is happening with the Leafs and he doesn't see the prospect of much action out of the Leafs War room today.

Burke provides some cover for Ron Wilson's comments of the weekend about James Reimer, seemingly gives him a vote of confidence (might want to share those thoughts with the coach).

Burke gives no details on Joffrey Lupul's soft cast, as though he would provide any kind of insight there, when you have to fill time you have to fill time.

Bob McCown and his radio panel are back for Sportsnet, Brunt and Cox flank the cantankerous one, they seek out an over / under on how many trades take place by the time proceedings come to a conclusion later today.

Sportnset closes out their session with McCown with a look at the Toronto Maple Leafs Situation Room, wait for it, wait for it, Sportsnet that's Wolf Blitzer on line two, he is looking for a payment for his intellectual property.

TSN in the meantime is looking over the Vancouver Canucks, Duthie goes to a panel with some kind of ancient country jingle, not sure exactly how that is Pacific coastal cool...  the Canucks panel looks at what Mike Gillis may want to do with that 4 million dollars freed up by the injury to Keith Ballard.

They ruminate about the prospects of Cory Schenider relocating by the time the deadline arrives today. Marc Crawford suggests that while tempting to gain much for the promising youngsters, the Cancuks may wish to hang onto the backup just in case Roberto Luongo falters down the drive.

Sportsnet has more Bus cam footage, this time its off to Winnipeg where a number of the visiting Oilers are disembarking many of them carrying their daily dose of Java, it's riveting stuff this bus cam imagery, Starbucks or Tims gents, Starbucks or Tims?

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