Monday, February 27, 2012

Deadline Day 2012 8 am to 10 am (5am over on the West coast)

8 am to 9 am (5 to 6 PT)

Sporstnet introduces a new panel to weigh upon all matters of Deadline Day, mainly at the moment focused on the long farewell to Columbus of Rick Nash, though at the moment, they seem to be reducing the expectations of a deal for him today.

The lack of trading developments that is always the theme in the early hours of the trade deadline, suggests we're going to hear a lot of this over the next few hours,

Ah, here you go Leafs fans, the panel is discussing the prospect of Nash getting shipped off to Toronto, Damien Cox introduces the elephant in that Leafs dressing room and the need for a goaltender, we imagine Ron Wilson raised his coffee cup up in a toast.

TSN as well is discussing all things Maple Leafs (we sense a recurring theme here) Dreger and MacKenzie also weigh in on the nature of the Leafs goaltending woes, the latter dashing any hopes that Leafs fans may have on the idea of Nabokov pulling on a Leafs sweater.

TSN loves their sponsorships, Trade Bait is brought to us by Budweiser, they examine some of the players that may be dangling in front of prospective GM's.

Ooh TSN is going team by team for the Canadian teams and we start with.... drumroll please....  the Toronto Maple Leafs, as opposed to what we've been doing for the last twenty minutes I guess.

Sportsnet has introduced what they call their Cheat sheet, which we imagine is kind of their version of the Trade Bait, though in our frenzy of clicking we missed out whether it was sponsored or not. As we check in the discussion is about the Montreal Canadiens, who are in the unusual position of actually wondering about how they may want to use their first pick at the end of the season.

Sportsnet looks at the Senators needs, a personal chef for the Anderson family isn't on the table yet, but it could be the most important thing Bryan Murray could ever invest in.

The Sporsnet panel reviews the pick up yesterday by Ottawa of Ben Bishop , a move they believe was a wise one by Murray, providing him with a hidden gem that was lost on the St. Louis depth chart.

TSN has brought Pierre Gauthier into the conversation of the Leafs goaltending woes.

As hour one comes to an end, we're back in the Sportsnet Strategy Room, where our collection of once upon a time (and for some the wish to be back at the table seems still there) General Managers are examining the entrails of the Canadiens woeful season.

They debate the changing nature of hockey management, where it seems that anyone with a Google browser can become a General Manager.

9 am to 10 am (6 - 7 PT)

The Sportsnet panel cross over the top of the hour discussing the state of the Calgary Flames decision day thoughts.  What holes the Flames need to fill.

TSN is in commercial as we watch the clock shift into the second hour of coverage, you get the feeling that the most important feature of the day in homes and offices across the country is going to be frequent battery changes for the clicker.

Sportsnet lists the requirements of Jay Feaster, a laundry list of required scoring and shoring up of positions.  The social media desk features Puck Daddy, which should be a helpful addition to the days proceedings.

Bad News for the coverage desks, even Puck Daddy says that he doesn't foresee the movement of Nash today, only six more hours of much of the same for all our chattering types today.

TSN's desk is wondering if it's going to be busy today, Pierre LeBrun offers up the thought it may be a wacky day.  Trade Bait is back brought to us by Budweiser, you know it's too bad that Puck Daddy didn't sign on with TSN, their drinking game would be a natural with the TSN stable of sponsor mentions.

TSN is making good use of its partnership with ESPN, besides LeBrun they make much use of the other of the Pierre's with more evaluation of the needs and wants of the GM's from Pierre Gauthier. The focus in this segment the Habs.

TSN wold appear to have more ambitious time salespeople what the heck is a tatstytop, there is a website to check out this delicacy, wonder if they can cross pollinate Budweiser into the cake tops... strange mix of advertising, though the commercials aren't quite the thing of oh lets say the Super Bowl or the Oscars...

Speaking of ads, maybe its me, but accessing the HNIC live steam involves a number of clicks that take you to a number of commercials first (I"m hungry for some Philly cheese all of a sudden)and then no actual items to view, my patience is limited at the best of time, so if my video is going to play after these commercials it best happen soon.

Ah yes more social media observations, this time from TSN's Reporters stable, sans Dave Hodge who is apparently ill, which is unfortunate as he always provides some good balance to the TSN broadcast.

Over to the TSN Trade Breakers, who uh, don't have any actual trades to break for us.

Sportsnet is back in the Strategy room discussing the needs of the Canucks, an injury to Manny Malhotra over the weekend creates a hole that the panel believes the Canucks will want to fill.

TSN is discussing the surprising success of the Senators this year in the NHL and how that may impact on Bryan Murray's deliberations on this Trade Deadline day.

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