Friday, February 03, 2012

Grab some buds, head to the rink, wait for the crowd

The folks at Budweiser have tapped into one of those great shared experiences of beer drinkers everywhere, the pick up shinny game, featuring a pair of Ontario rec league hockey teams in an upcoming commercial for the Super Bowl.

The game between The Amigos and the Generals, based in Port Credit, Ontario probably an event that attracts even less than family and friends got the entire NHL experience recently, as Budweiser arranged for a surprise visit by a packed house, TV crew and assorted experiences that would make the Phoenix Coyotes, New York Islanders or any number of NHL teams at the bottom of the attendance tables jealous of all that fan attention.

It makes for a pretty fine experience for the players, who clearly were surprised by all the attention and rose to the occasion providing for a pretty intense game and exciting finish.

Hope they have their handwriting hands rested well, after Sunday and the massive television exposure their pick up game is going to gain, one suspects that they'll be signing a few autographs and with a little bit of luck, somebody will buy them a Bud...

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