Monday, February 27, 2012

Deadline Day 2012 Noon to 2 PM (9 am over on the West coast)

The Noon Hour passes in the east, three hours til the bell rings and we're still at the Kostitsyn trade as the trade of the day, literally, one player movement to report thus far.

Sportsnet is back to their Strategy room where the GM's of the past suggest that we're close to crunch time for the GM's of today, despite the ringing of cel phone tones and such in the background there's still not much to relay as far a strategic training.

TSN grabs Steve Ott on the telephone to discuss with him the flurry of suggestions that he may be on the market, seemingly one of the Dallas Stars that may be among the moving should the trade board ever move past the number of one today.

Ott offers up the line of the day thus far, advising the TSN panel that they are making him laugh today, Ott may be laughing, we suspect that somewhere in a control room there's a number of folks getting ready to cry.

TSN's Reporters panel weighs in on Brian Burke's goaltending conversation of earlier today on TSN radio,  the debate his form of damage control from the weekend's activities.

Sportsnet joins in on the debate over the Leafs and their goaltending woes, the consensus being that Ron Wilson isn't exactly helping Burke's hand with his comments of the weekend.

TSN is looking in on the Flames morning skate, looking at the possibilities for Calgary as the deadline moves closer. They also blame the Blackhawks for the lack of trade  potential today, Chicago having helped to take Dustin Brown and Sam Gagner off the market thanks to their horrid visits to LA and Edmonton, as Crawford points out, the Hawks desperately need some defencemen and fast.

12:40 ET, 9:40 PT  Sportsnet offers up details of the second trade of the day, with Detroit sending Mike Commodore to Tampa Bay for a seventh round pick.  TSN discovers the trade and is less than overwhelmed.  Sportsnet is first to contact Commodore and gain some insight as to how a player feels and reacts to word that you've been moved.

12:55 ET, 9:44 PT Sportsnet again with the early returns on another trade, with the Oilers picking up Nick Schultz for Tom Gilbert who now will return to his home state of Minnesota. TSN picks up the trade scent a few minutes later with their own observations on the developments, highlighting how the Wild seem to be loading up on Minnesota boys.

1 PM ET.. 10 AM PT

As the hour passes towards 1 PM in the East, 10 in the West, there's much discussion on both networks as to the value that the Edmonton / Minnesota trade brings to both teams.

TSN grabs Ken Holland to talk about the Commodore trade with Tampa and about the pace of the deadline deals so far.

TSN is back to Pierre LeBrun in Britsol, who puts the damper on any thoughts that Nabokov can be grabbed out of Long Island today.

Bob McCown plays mischievous devil on his twitter feed, with a rumour that they're taking the Rick Nash banners down from the Columbus Arena...

TSN highlights how the trading deadline can cause havoc within team lineups, Minnesota apparently never informed Nick Schultz that he was traded before it hit the various networks and other portals, a situation that seemingly has annoyed the Wild players.

Sportsnet adds to the Bus cam legions with a cab cam, video of Andrei Kostitsyn heading for the airport and his reunion with brother Sergei.

It's back to the Strategy room and the GM's who direct the less than furious nature of the trading day today.

TSN chats up Tom Gilbert who is destined for Minnesota.

Time to check in on Columbus, and the phrase that has been repeated a number of times today, "Nothing much to report James",  repeat and rinse...

TSN has Kypreos and Shannon on their panel, the consensus is that Washington best make some kind of deal today if they have any plans of at least making the playoffs, also Boston may be looking for some depth as the day draws to a close.

Sportsnet heads out to Canuckland, Mason Raymond rumoured to be available, meanwhile Alain Vigneault and the staff are busy tossing a football around,  Wally Buono no doubt is set to make a contract offer as we speak...

1:35 ET, 10:35 AM PT, TSN has details of our fourth trade of the day with Tampa Bay picking up Keith Aulie from the Leafs, Toronto receives Carter Ashton in return, Ashton clearly a player for the future and not for the now.

Sportsnet also reports in on that latest development, advantage to TSN on this one.

As we digest the ramifications of the Leafs and Lightning trade, Sporstnet reaches out to Keith Aulie for his thoughts, Aulie outlines how he enjoyed playing for his new head coach Guy Boucher while with the world Junior team.

1:54 ET, 10:54 PT Trade number five is in, Sportsnet reports that Colorado and San Jose have conducted a deal, Daniel Winnik is on his way to San Jose. no word on what the Avs get in return.

1:56 ET, 10:56  PT Sporstnet continues with some scoops, Vancouver picks up Sami Pahlsson from Columbus.

1:58 ET, 10:58 PT  Sportsnet again, with word thatTrader Steve strikes again, as Steve Yerman in Tampa Bay sends Matt Gilroy to Ottawa for Brian Lee.

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