Monday, February 27, 2012

Deadline Day 2012 At the final buzzer

The 3 PM deadline arrives and while a few deals are dribbling in, the big deal never materialized, as no word came out of Columbus that Rick Nash was on the move.

Our Trading Post listings show that there were nine deals announced prior to the 3 PM ET Noon PT cut off, though deals that were still in the works were still to be outlined.

Deals still to be consummated as the buzzer went at both TSN and Sportsnet included the following.

3 PM, Noon-- Buffalo sends Paul Gaustad to Nashville, adding some more depth to an already strong Predators line up.

Pierre Lebrun offers up some background on the Predators acquisition of Gaustad and offers up the hint that Vancouver may still have something to announce in a few moments.

3:11 PM ET, 12:13 PT, Boston picks up Greg Zanon from Minnesota, adding some more depth to their D corps.

Sportsnet heads back to Columbus to try to gauge the disappointment level there in the Nash camp, as his wish to be moved did not come to resolution on deadline day, the consensus is that Nash won't surrender his C or any such thing at the moment. The Blue Jackets GM is set to hold a press conference, where it is imagined he will outline how things progressed through the day today.

3:15 ET, 12:15 PT Chicago trades away defenceman John Scott to the Rangers for a 5th round pick.

Sportsnet's panel wonders why Montreal, Washington, Carolina and Calgary didn't do more to give their fans some hope for the present and the future. They also touch on how some of the struggling teams financially such as St. Louis and Phoenix had to sit back and watch the developments without any chance of participating.

3:25 PM ET, 12:35 PT, TSN has news of a minor deal between the Leafs and the Ducks, with Dale Mitchell destined for Duckland and Mark Fraser to join the Leafs organization.

3:32 ET, 12:32 PT TSN interupts Brian Burke's press conference to reveal details of a deal between the Canucks and the Sabres as Buffalo sends Zach Kassian and Marc Andre Gragnani to the Canucks in exchange for Cody Hodgson and Alexander Sulzer.

Both TSN and Sportsnets' cadre of experts all seem in agreement that the Canucks solidified their chances in the playoffs with their acquisitions from the Sabres, while Cody Hodgson will find that his playing time increases significantly with the offensively challenged Sabres.  Though there is some thought that the Canucks did not get enough for their departing forward.

3:50 ET, 12:50 PT, The Canucks put in an addendum to the days proceedings as they pick up Andrew Gordon from the Ducks in exchange for Sebastien Effron.

As we pass the 4 PM mark, all that seems left now is to watch the various GM's as they offer up their spin on the day's proceedings, some needing a wee bit more spin than others.

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