Monday, February 27, 2012

Deadline Day 2012 2 PM to 3 PM (11 am PT)

Into the homestretch we go, the final hour of Trade deadline day 2012, a flurry of deals in the last minutes of the last hour brought us up to seven trades on the day so far.

Sportsnet moves into the final hour with Bob McCown's panel of Brunt and Cox, they dissect some of the developments in Toronto and Montreal, with a nod to the Pahlson news out of Vancouver.

TSN has the first comments of Sami Pahlsson who is Vancouver bound, he provides some insight into the state of things in Columbus with the Rick Nash sweepstakes taking up so much of the air around that team.

2:02 ET, 11:02 PT, Word of the Jets first foray into the trade deadline flurry, as Winnipeg sends Johnny Oduya to the Blackhawks, no word on what the Jets receive in exchange yet.

Sportsnet convenes their GM's in the strategy room to review some of the moves thus far, over at TSN The Reporter's panel does likewise.

2:30 - 3:00 ET, 11:30 - Noon PT

We head into the final half hour of deadline day and all indications seem to be that Rick Nash will finish out the season as a Blue Jacket, Columbus perhaps realizing that there may be more value for him at the NHL draft later this year.

TSN recaps the developments thus far, mainly second line deals that shuffle some names around but hardly offer up the thing of the block buster.

Johnny Oduya checks in with James Duthie to discuss how he feels about moving on to the Blackhwks, meanwhile over at Sportsnet Kypreos and Shannon are talking about Rick Nash and how disappointed he will be if he's not moved out of Columbus by the noon hour. The discussion on Nash seems to revolve around whether the Rangers will give up enough to pry Nash loose out of Columbus.

TSN turns to Pang and Ferraro who discuss the lack of moves out of Calgary and what that portends for the Flames playoff ambitions.

Damien Cox goes a wandering again on Sportsnet, leaving the comfy confines of Bob McCown's studio and off to another panel on Sportsnet discussing with Marty McSorley why Steve Ott hasn't been moved yet and how he'd have been a good fit in Vancouver.

Less than ten minutes to go and both networks are still hopeful that the one blockbuster deal of the day will come to fruition and save what has been a less than thrilling deadline day.

2:54 ET, 11:54 PT Sportsnet reports that Brian Rolston is on the move from the Islanders to the Boston Bruins, Kypreos and Shannon also wonder aloud why the Capitals haven't made any kind of a move yet.

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