Monday, February 27, 2012

Deadline Day 2012

Places people, places...  It's showtime!

Coffee is percolating, the furnace turned on and fresh batteries are in the clicker, so lets get ready to trade!

And it's underway, the various networks have assembled their war rooms and the gaggle of commentators are already filling the void, Sportsnet kicks off their coverage with the General Manager's table at the "Strategy Room", Smith Quinn, MacLean  and Lawton reliving their days of the deadline when they traded back and forth, a hot stove league of past stories to tide us over until the trading begins.

Pat Quinn seems to be the designated talker to open up the coverage as he recounts some of his deadline deals.

When it comes to the current era of the NHL, Sportsnet begins by discussing the pre deadline deal that saw Jeff Carter sent off to LA for Johnson.

Over at TSN once they have the plugs out of the way, a beer sponsorship for the early hours of their coverage. Not surprisingly they are featuring the Rick Nash watch, the beginning of what could be the never ending theme to take us up to the 3 PM deadline ET, James Duthie advising us that they don't expect many trades to break in these early hours of the trading.

Hockey Night in Canada's coverage on the CBC is limited to their portal with twitter feeds and online streaming planned set to start at 9 AM ET, 6 AM PT.

We'll provide our own live blog coverage through the morning breaking down our observations in blocks of time, entries to follow above and on our twitter feed.

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