Friday, February 10, 2012

Sunday intercessions, save a prayer for Les Habitants

Bless us Father, for we have sinned, it's been 80 games since our last intercession...

So, things are now so worrisome around Montreal these days, that perhaps the only thing left to salvage a season from er, uh, ahem Hell, is to offer up a prayer or two.

That at least seems to be the current of thought around the Archdiocese of Montreal, with word of an advertising campaign that the Church has launched, part public awareness of the Church we imagine, but perhaps for some of the Canadiens faithful, as helpful a solution to the scoring woes yet, to adding to the debate of Montreal's main topic of discussion year round.

The Bos Advertising Agency designed the ad, which appeared in Montreal newspapers and is designed to provide the Archdiocese with some mainstream notice, and perhaps help to stem declining church attendance.

Which if things continue on for the Habs may just work, as we get closer and closer to the playoff cutoff, the pews may fill up as fast as seats at the Bell Centre, all in the quest of divine intervention for playoff spot number 8. 

We imagine across Quebec this Sunday, parish priests will be busy reviewing requests of Intercession for Sunday mass, prayers of assistance for Carey Price to continue to hold strong, for the woeful Canadiens defence to find some resolve, the power play to finally unleash its power, for Scott Gomez to score a goal (Mon Dieu, tis a miracle, that one has been received and answered).

Prayers for success are perhaps more forward looking than what may be required at the end of the season if the Canadiens don't pull out of their funk.

If Montreal doesn't start to find some wins and inch their way up towards heaven, or in this case eighth place, then the next encyclical from the Church regarding the Habs may be the administration of the Last Rites on the horrid season.

Of course, all this power of prayer thing puts the Church in Canada in a bit of a tough spot, after all, an answered prayer in Montreal could come at the cost of a playoff spot for Ottawa, Toronto or Winnipeg all seeking their own deliverance of a playoff spot in the east division.

A situation that could leave the Church having to calm the flocks of Ontario and Manitoba.

With this revelation from Montreal, no doubt Parish Priests from Ottawa to Brandon and all  points in between thank their compatriots in Quebec for the extra work load.

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