Thursday, March 25, 2004

All Brian, All the Time

Brian Burke was all over the media Wednesday, with the Canucks running their Canucks for kids promotion, Burke took to the airwaves in seemingly a non stop blitz of appearances.

Beginning with Neil MacRae's sportscast at 8:15 on CKNW, Burke then sat in for an hour with Bill Good on his NW talk show. He wrapped up his broadcast day with an appearance between periods with Tom Larscheid during the Canucks broadcast.

The bulk of his airtime was spent in defence of his players, Burke claiming that he can see them working their way out of their funk of late. Beginning to turn things around as the playoffs appear on the horizon. MacRae solicited opinions on such things as fragility, goaltending and Ken Dryden.

Good tired to get him to shed more light on his contract situation, which he declined to do. He did however arouse some anger in Burke about the media in Vancouver, Burke singling out Tony Gallagher of the Province as someone that he dislikes immensely.

His final NW appearance of the night, ended up as a lavish testimony by Larscheid as to the skills Burke has brought to the team and the community. Sounding almost as though Larschied expects Burke to be leaving at the end of the season, he expressed disdain at the way management had handled Burke's contract. Wishing he would be signed and they would get to chat again next year.

A whirlwind of media exposure for Burke who had been keeping a low profile in the days after his media conference over the Bertuzzi affair. To check it all out for yourself head for the CKNW audio vault, from 8:15-9:30 you'll get a sample of All Burke, All the time.

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