Wednesday, March 31, 2004

Suiting up on the Bertuzzi team

This is either an ominous development or just some solid planning, but regardless the optics of it all are not good. Todd Bertuzzi has retained the services of legendary Vancouver attorney, Len Doust to represent him in any potential litigation regarding the Steve Moore incident.

Doust who is considered one of the best legal minds in Canada would only confirm he has taken Bertuzzi on as a client, but made no comment regarding the ongoing police investigation or any potential civil action contemplated by Moore.

Vancouver Police expect to complete their investigation of the incident by the middle of April. It’s anticipated that they ill decide at that time whether to forward the case to the Crown Attorney for further action on the criminal front.

Moore in his press conference earlier this week, was rather circumspect about any potential legal action in the form of a civil suit over the incident. Though many observers of the conference feel that he had already been coached by the legal types so as not to affect any case later on.

For Bertuzzi retaining the services of Doust is a smart move, having represented many high profile clients in BC in the past, he surely knows how to handle not only the legal but the media circus that will no doubt accompany any court room appearances.

While Bertuzzi is obviously hoping that nothing more will come of the incident beyond the punishment meted out by the NHL, having a lawyer of Doust’s abilities and repute will be a necessity should the other shoe, the legal one, drop in this terrible incident.

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