Friday, March 26, 2004

Living in the Jersey witness protection program

It's a mystery to rival the saga of Jimmy Hoffa, when will Scott Stevens make his re-appearance on the New Jersey blue line. Out of the line up since Jan 7, Stevens was supposed to face the media this week with a health update, but his press conference was unexpectedly cancelled with no reason giving. A situation that has sent the rumour mill into overdrive.

Such were the wild suspicions being bounced around the Jersey area, that Lou Lamoriello finally held a conference of his own to try and clear up some of the outstanding questions. Listed as suffering from a concussion now, originally Stevens had been described as just ill. A situation that has resulted in whispers of burnout and fatigue taking it's toll on the 40 year old blue liner. Something to which Lamoriello denies is the cause of Steven's absence.

Having started light skating within the last couple of weeks, the Devils are hoping that concussion specialist Dr. Karen Johnston gives Stevens a clean bill of health shortly and that he can rejoin the Blue line by playoff time. Until then though, Stevens will continue to live within the arrangements of the Devils Witness Protection Plan. Condition unlisted, whereabouts unknown.

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