Tuesday, March 09, 2004

Hit after Hit

HockeyNation thanks all those folks that cruised by the site this busy trading day. While your humble servant was sitting in the dental chair, having his dentist carve his initials into my wisdom teeth, you were clicking and clicking and clicking.

From all over North America, to Europe and parts of Australia (G'day), and parts in between HockeyNation feels so loved. There has been lots to digest in the past 24 hours, a black eye for the sport on the ice in Vancouver and U hauls getting reserved across North America.

We've begun the task of examining the rosters as they sit after Noon today, we'll look for the trends and sift through the changes to see which teams we think may have the leg up for the playoffs.

Bear with us as we struggle through our novacaine haze to try and figure it all out.

But thanks for the Hits, we feel like we've been nailed by Barry Beck at the blue line, but we feel goooood!

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