Thursday, March 04, 2004

Oilers refuse to throw in the towel.

Good news for Oiler fans, the Oil will be fighting, scratching and clawing until the final day of the season. Trying to grab that final playoff spot and a chance to dramatically change the season. That appears to be the message that GM Kevin Lowe has given his team, after picking up Peter Nedved from ole pal Glen Sather. Nedved joins the Oil for sixteen games this season and hopefully a playoff run, a situation that won't cost Lowe much financially and as far as player depth goes didn't hurt too bad either.

Renting out Nedved and that's all this is, a rental. Sends a pretty strong message to his core group of Oilers, that Lowe thinks they can make a run for a playoff spot. Picking up a goaltender in Markkanen in the deal, will also give him an option for trading day. If Conklin is healthy enough to carry the load for the rest of the season, Lowe could move Salo before Tuesday adding even more punch to his lineup. Conklin is recovering from a hand injury that isn't healing as fast as hoped, if nothing else Markkanen will be able to spell off Salo in the stretch run.

All of a sudden that six point gap between the Oilers and the Kings doesn't seem all that unreachable. Oiler fans can see eighth place now, it's up to the players to kick it into gear. Renting Nedved gives them a boost, a shot of adrenalin to make the move.

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