Friday, March 19, 2004


With the flourish of a pen, the Toronto Maple Leafs have come to the aid of their sartorial challenged fans. In response to Ottawa City Council’s “sweater tax”, the Leafs have donated 5,000 dollars to the Ottawa Food Bank and Toronto’s Daily Bread Food bank.

Earlier this week, Ottawa officials announced that Toronto sweaters would be banned from the Corel Centre, unless a donation was made to the Ottawa Food Bank. The Leaf’s rose to the bait and promptly pulled out the cheque book. Leaf officials added that they hope that the Ottawa organization meets or exceeds their donation to both food banks.

In a final twist of the public relations knife, the Leafs added that they hope their fans fill the Corel Centre on April 3rd supporting their favorite team. Expect an awful lot of blue and white in the Corel Centre that night, but with the community benefiting such as it will, even the Sens should be able to turn a deaf ear to that desperate chant of “Go Leafs Go”. Some advice for the Sens, Cash the Cheque, then finish your checks. Add up the cash, and continue that dash (up the standings)!

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