Monday, March 22, 2004

A goalie Spurned

The day after the Canucks threw away two separate leads in a 5-4 loss to Columbus, found the club back on the ice tuning up for the next game Wednesday against LA. Stopping by for a chat with the players was Todd Bertuzzi, who checked into the dressing room before practice. Apparently trying to be useful, offering his observations, going over tape and generally trying to help his co-workers get their game back. Crawford afterwards commented about Bertuzzi's appearance in the building and how it's a positive not only for Bertuzzi, but for the team as well.

Out on the ice there seemed to be a little bit of finger pointing going on, Johan Hedberg left to practice by himself at one end of the rink, the rest of the squad working out at the other. Was Hedberg put in the doghouse by coach Marc Crawford? Was he working on his concentration in solitude? Has the rest of the team sent him a less than subtle message, of disappointment? No one is talking, Hedberg in an interview afterwards with CKNW (check out the audio vault for Sports at 4:30 for a clip) claimed all was well, he was still confident in his abilities.

Crawford had no comments regarding his goaltender after the practice, though he did hint that it was a disappointing turn of events last night, suggesting that Hedberg was partially responsible for last nights loss.

Dan Cloutier apparently took a quick skate and headed back into the dressing room, no word on his status or the extent of his "lower body injury".

Hedberg apparently left the practice not having faced shot, on the up side, no pucks got by him either!

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