Thursday, March 18, 2004

Banning the Colours at the Good ole Hockey Game

Like school officials in a gang ridden neighborhood, Ottawa City Council has taken to banning the colours of the Blue gang from TO. The rivalry between the Sens and the Leafs heats up again, as council members in the national capital prepare to vote on a resolution to ban the wearing of the Leaf uniform in the Corel Centre.

If you are a Leaf fan you can wear a barrel, a potato sack or a toga, just don’t don the Blue and White of your beloved Maple Leaf Nation. The tongue in cheek resolution even includes a punishment for those Leaf fans that can’t leave home without their unlaundered jersey; a donation to the Ottawa Food Bank will let the Leaf fan off the clothing hook.

With the possibility of the Leafs and Sens meeting once again in the first round of the playoffs the Food Bank should see a spike in donations in the month of April. There’s no talk of a retaliatory edict from the Leafs on Sens jerseys at the ACC, Toronto councilor Brian Ashton claiming there is no need as the Sens jersey is not that nice. Words not likely to calm the water back in Ottawa.

Of course if the Food Bank finds that the sweater ban is a success, just think of the next step. Imagine what the Sens could do about those noisy Hab fans and their irritating Go Habs Go chants all night long at the Corel Centre, perhaps a donation for every Go would aid the cause.

And well, then there are the Philly fans. No one would be folly enough to wear a Flyer uniform at the Corel Centre would they? Letting Flyer fans carry cans to a hockey game would just seem like a particularly unwise thing to do, on a par with asking Bobby Clarke to speak at the UN on the state of peacekeeping today.

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