Thursday, March 04, 2004

Last one left in the dressing room, turn out the lights!

Hard to believe they have anyone left in DC to put on the trading block, but the Caps are at it again. Today sending Michael Nylander off to the Boston Bruins, the second day in a row the Bruins have added to their roster at the expense of Washington . Nylander dons the black and gold of the Bruins, for a second round draft choice in 2006 and that ever popular trading partner, "future considerations."

Nylander moves on to his sixth team since joining the NHL and becomes the sixth Capital sent away after the firesale was declared. Steve Konowalchuk, Peter Bondra, Jaromir Jagr, Robert Land and Sergei Gonchar have all packed their bags and moved on. Still awaiting airline tickets are Olaf Kolzig, Bates Bataglia and Bredan Witt . After that it's time to start boning up on the roster of the Portland Pirates, by next week they could be the "New Washington Capitals", sadly for Caps fans the farm hands aren't any better than the big team. Good Luck Ted! Selling season tickets in Washington, should be a wonderful experience for your front office.

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