Saturday, March 13, 2004

Hasek says, Thanks but no Thanks!

Well here’s a little cost certainty for Gary Bettman and his number crunchers. The Detroit Red Wings are three millions dollars richer these days, as Domenik Hasek has decided not to cash his paycheque due to his injury. In a move sure to annoy his player’s association brethren, Domenik has refused to accept the Red Wing pay envelope since January 9th. That was the day Domenik announced that he was done for the year due to his groin injury.

Red Wing GM Ken Holland “call’s it an unbelievable gesture”, on the part of Hasek. (I’m sure that Bob Goodenow had a much different expression to describe Hasek’s largesse!)

Hasek is reportedly disappointed that things did not work out, as he had hoped they would when he came out of retirement. His return spurred a crisis in the Red Wing organization, which at one time had tried to peddle Curtis Joseph via the trade routes, but to little success. As it turned out it was a lucky thing they couldn’t find a taker. As Cujo is now the horse they plan on riding to the Stanley Cup Derby. Ken Holland finding that he had horseshoes in the appropriate place in that instance.

Now as we close in on St. Patrick’s Day, it would seem that he has stumbled across a patch of four leaf clover as well, how else to explain away Hasek’s generous contribution to the Red Wing bottom line.

Folks in Detroit need to find out when Holland goes to the lottery booth, there’s a guy you want to be standing beside.

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