Wednesday, March 03, 2004

All Hail Eddie!

Well you can't argue with success. The Leafs with Eddie Beflour between the pipes are a vastly improved team, than the one that played without him. For the second night in a row, Eddie played solid in goal and the Leaf's did their part in front of him, defeating Boston 3-2.

Mind you it wasn't much of a workout, Boston only managing 19 shots in the game. But for whatever reason the Leaf's just seem to have much more confidence on the ice, when Belfour is in the Maple Leaf net. Owen Nolan put it best when he said, with Belfour we have a comfort zone, we're not afraid to make mistakes.

Mats Sundin led the way tonight with two goals, his 24th and 25th of the season, as the Leafs climbed onto the four team dogpile for first place in the Eastern Conference.

Maple Leaf fans are in a decidedly better mood these days with Belfour back. Given to riding the back ups lack of success the last three weeks or so, they are chanting the praises of the Eagle these days, nary a boo can be heard at the Air Canada Centre. With Belfour's back seemingly causing him no distress, you can almost see the Maple Leaf fans planning the parade route.

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