Wednesday, April 11, 2007

And the Stanley Cup winner is...

With our conference opening round breakdowns complete, we'll gaze into that crystal ball and come up with our final two participants in this years Stanley Cup final.

Despite the nervous nellies of the nation's capital we'll put the evil eye on the Senators and tag them to survive not only the scare of Pittsburgh but the curse of Buffalo on their way to the Eastern Conference championship.

From the west, we see a fast breeze coming off the Pacific Ocean bringing the Vancouver Canucks to the Stanley Cup Final. Goaltending is the key to any playoff success and the Canuck's are riding the Luongo lucky charm all the way.

However, luck eventually does run out.

The Senators will finally shake the monkey off their backs, move that elephant out of the room and hoist Lord Stanley's mug.

Plan your parade reservations...

Ottawa in six!

Of course, should we fail in our mission, "this blog item will self destruct in five seconds and should any team member be eliminated, the Secretary will "disavow any knowledge of my actions"

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