Monday, April 02, 2007

Fit to be Tied?

Tie Domi can’t seem to avoid controversy in his retirement years. The former NHL enforcer was most recently featured in numerous stories over a less than amicable divorce. A dizzying array of stories that left no rock unturned, no nasty tidbit unreported, as the Domi divorce saga played its way through the Ontario court system.

Now he finds himself cast in the role of Hockey Parent from Hell, as stories start to bubble out of the ever competitive Toronto press, recounting Mr. Domi’s day at the rink and subsequent argument with his son’s hockey coach.

Domi it is alleged exhibited some serious rink rage on Friday night at the end of a minor peewee AAA match, which involved Domi’s 11 year old son. It is reported that Domi was unhappy with the way his son was used in the game and the amount of playing time allotted to him during the pivotal playoff match up.

Instead of respecting the normal 24 hour cooling off period that the Greater Toronto Hockey League recommends, The Toronto Sun, citing a number of eyewitnesses claims that Domi launched into a verbal attack on the head coach of his son’s team. A display that left a few of the other parents speechless, well at least until the Sun answered the phones.

“Several witnesses said that when the game ended Domi confronted his son's coach, Lucas Miller, and launched a tirade filled with profanities in front of young players and fans.”
Witnesses are quoted that Domi, “acted like a caged animal” and that Toronto Police were required to bring order back to the arena.

Other witnesses however suggest that the whole thing seems to have been blown out of proportion, which surely is impossible for a place such as Toronto.

That’s the storyline that Domi is taking, in an interview on the CTV Website, he preferred not to discuss the matter, but said it had nothing to do with his son’s playing time. The website item features a story from the CTV National news on the controversy.

Giving this latest bout of parental interference, a much wider platform than most cases would receive! We patiently await the first video of the incident to pop up on YouTube, eventually someone along the wired world will upload their exclusive!

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