Saturday, April 07, 2007

He's the anti Byng

It's always good to receive the endorsement of your peers, but for Sean Avery recognition comes with a title.

In a survey of NHL players by The Hockey News, the undisputed a@#hole of the NHL is Sean Avery. He was the unanimous choice of those surveyed, with poor Jordon Tootoo far. far behind, chosen by only 6% for his anti social ways on the ice.

Avery, who frequently finds himself in the spotlight, wasn't too surprised at his latest achievement, going so far as to say that he would have been disappointed if he hadn't topped that list.

But what seems to have stuck in his craw is the other title bestowed upon him by THN, he was also chosen as the most over rated player in the NHL. A charge that doesn't seem to be sitting well with the latest darling of Broadway and King of the pests.

He may not be the IT guy with the rest of the brotherhood of the puck, but in New York, New York he's the idol of the Gallery Gods, which in the long run is probably more valuable than respect from your peers.

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