Friday, April 06, 2007

Hockey Night in Canada to expand playoff coverage

Hockey junkies are going to be taken to another level once the playoffs get underway next week.

The CBC through it's Hockey Night in Canada franchise will be adding extra bonus material for viewers across Canada, including live streaming of hockey games for those that may not be particularly thrilled with the choice they are given in the first round of the playoffs.

In addition to the live broadcasts over the net, the CBC will offer up an expanded pre game and post game presentation on line, which will include the post game press conferences and a full recap of the night's action.

The playoffs have always been a bit of a gold mine for the CBC, large numbers of television viewers are delivered to the Corporation night after night for two months. With the CBC increasing it's advertising revenue rate with each successive round, the revenue generated by the time Lord Stanley's cup is handed out is a welcome addition to the CBC profit and loss sheet.

William Houston examined the webcasting potential for the CBC, as well as a few other media issues of interest to hockey and sports fans.

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