Monday, April 02, 2007

Skates, Sweaters and now sticks?

They've become a major player in the NHL as far as skates and sweaters go, now it seems that Rebok wants the full deal as they hope to cash in on the recent succes that Pavel Datsyuk has had with their revolutionary scoring scythe.

At an expected cost of 249 per stick, the Rebok O stick had better be one refinement on the traditional piece of lumber that doesn't snap in half or lose a blade during a blast from the point.

It's expected to ship out in May and will be ready to show off what it can do when the teams pick up their sticks at training camp next season.

Mind you at 249 each, it will be interesting to see which teams allow which players to use this latest twist in technology. Sammi Salo for instance, may be asked to maybe look elswhere for his next batch of sticks, lest his blasts render the Canucks financially insolvent. It will also be worth watching to see if the team stick boys now have to be bonded to work behind the bench!

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