Friday, April 20, 2007

Stars not dead yet!

It was a one goal game and as many suggested it would be first goal won.

Dallas and Vancouver played out game five of their best of seven series and the Stars went home victorious with an OT goal by Brendan Morrow to put away the win and live to fight another day.

The game had many chances through the three regulation periods for Vancouver or Dallas to take control, but as has been the case through most of the series, tight checking and cautious play at times combined to make sure that this one like two others in the series goes on to extra time. Both Roberto Luongo and Marty Tucker played amazing hockey in their respective nets, featuring many game saving saves that forced the issue to overtime.

At one point in the game. the Hockey Gods seemed to be mocking the Stars, as a wild pass careened off the boards in a missed pass to the point, as it travelled down the rink it went just wide of an empty Dallas net, which had been vacated for an extra attacker due to a penalty call in progress.

Had it travelled into the empty net, it very well may have been the exclamation point on both the Canucks and the Stars seasons. As things worked out however, it was a matter of hard nosed hockey and stick to itiveness.

The Canucks still lead the series 3 games to 2, with game six scheduled for Saturday night in Dallas. While the home folk might be disappointed in the loss Thursday and the chance to celebrate in Vancouver's stadium. It's probably better for all concerned if the Canucks could put the Stars ways for good with the next game.

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