Thursday, April 19, 2007

Does the D in Big D stand for Defeat?

The sounds coming out of Dallas aren’t particularly comforting if you’re a fan of the Dallas Stars, as the team faces possible elimination from the Stanley Cup derby tonight in Vancouver, the obituaries seem to almost be ready to print.

The Dallas News features a number of stories today that seem to indicate that the white flag is about to go up and the Stars are set to disappoint their faithful once again.

From the spell that Roberto Luongo seems to have over the Stars, columnist Tim Cowlishaw has all but ceded the required fourth and final win to the Canucks tonight.

They examine the taming of Mike Modano, a Star who has not shined very brightly in this series and who is quoted as saying that this series seems a lot like the first round of last year. Dallas historians will remember that was a series which saw the Stars eliminated in five games. Not exactly a rallying cry to get the boys moving.

And Captain Brendan Morrow pretty well nails the coffin shut with his sound bytes that the team is playing scared and lacking in confidence. A brush fire that head coach Dave Tippet was trying frantically to extinguish today as his team gets set for tonight’s puck drop.

All in all, it’s not a mood which resonates with the sound of a team ready to launch an improbable three game comeback to steal a series that the Canucks seem to have all but won.

The first ten minutes of tonight’s game five match up will tell the story, Dallas will need to come out flying, hitting, shooting and scoring fast. Should the Canucks score first and better yet put a couple of goals in early, then all that is left is the post game handshakes and newspaper post mortems on another disappointing season in Big D.

In fact, they seem already to have moved on to more important issues in Dallas. Hockey which never has been a high profile sport to begin with, seems to already to be banished to the back end of the paper. On Thursday, the desperate struggle of the Stars was overshadowed by the real news of the day in Big D.

The annual Texas/OU football extravaganza will remain at the Cotton Bowl, an event of much more significance to Texans, than the stumbling ways of their gypsy like hockey team.

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