Wednesday, April 11, 2007

World Hockey Association Adds New Franchise in British Columbia

"League President Ricky Smith's office revealed the latest franchise sale was made to an independent ownership group which had identified a city in British Columbia with an excellent ice arena."

Well, ice, that will certainly help any team hoping to play hockey.

The World Hockey Association, which has been downgraded from a second tier pro league to a junior league with grand expansion plans has targeted a BC city for their latest franchise.

In a press release (which reads more like a stock option sheet than anything else) put out by the league today, the WHA plans to move into the un-named British Columbia city (the one with the excellent ice arena) as well as to a number of Alberta cities and northwestern US outposts.

By the time they take to the ice in the 2007-08 season they anticipate having sixteen teams in the fold, some their original members, some outright start ups and others poached from existing leagues, all apparently eager to join up with the new endeavour.

We trust that all of them will have "excellent ice arenas", it would seem to be helpful to the flow of the game.

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