Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Järn Mike se take anklaga av Tre Kronor

Upcoming training camps in Stockholm won’t be for the weak of heart, nor for the lazy, as the new no nonsense Senior Advisor to the Swedish Ice Hockey Federation takes up his duties.

Mike Keenan is on the move again, the long time coach and GM of many an NHL squad is taking his interpretations of hockey to Sweden. Keenan was named today as kind of a development czar for Swedish under 20 and under 18 hockey.

The news was relayed today on TSN, but seems to have first surfaced back on April 12th considering this afterthought found on the sportsnet site.

Regardless, it would seem that 11 days in between reports didn't change the end result and Keenan will soon be keeping a watchful eye over the tre kronors kids.

He has been tapped to observe the talent, make recommendations and assist the Swedes in fine tuning a system of evaluating and developing players for the national teams.

This after Sweden has suffered a few early exits from international competitions over the last few years. While he still has designs on an NHL job one day again, he felt that the time to get back to watching hockey players and developing a program had come around again.

Should a suitable NHL program come looking for his guidance, his agreement with the Swedish federation has an escape clause.

One wonders if the players on the Swedish rosters have the same option…

Keenan joins Swedes as hockey advisor
Darren Dreger
4/24/2007 9:37:39 AM

When it comes to Mike Keenan, the hockey world has learned to expect the unexpected. With that in mind, Keenan is about to add a new chapter to his storied career by returning to hockey management, but not with a National Hockey League team, at least not for the moment.

Keenan, most recently a hockey analyst with TSN, has accepted the position of Senior Advisor to the Swedish Ice Hockey Federation. His primary role will focus on Sweden's under 20 and under 18 programs, working on coaching development and player development, while helping Swedish officials fine tune an evaluation system for the selection of players. "

To be involved with a group and a country who have performed so well on the world stage with a strong emphasis on improving is very flattering," Keenan told TSN. "I'm looking forward to another opportunity to learn more about hockey and I'm humbled they respect me and the Canadian perspective enough to ask me," Keenan added.

"It's all about new ideas. Both for Sweden, and for me."

Keenan was first approached by the Swedish Ice Hockey Federation in early February, but he didn't accept the offer in anticipation an NHL position would surface.

It hasn't, so rather than wait for the phone to ring, the veteran coach and executive decided to add some International flavour to his resume. However, Keenan's contract with the Swedes will not impede his ability to return to the NHL at any point during the year and much of his responsibility will be completed from North America.

His first assignment will be to observe Sweden's performance at the upcoming World Men's Hockey Championship in Moscow.

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