Thursday, April 05, 2007

Janet feels media was unfair.

Janet Gretzky has spoken out for the first time about the revelations in the press back in February of 2006 about her alleged connection to a gambling ring run out of New Jersey.

She claims that the media treatment she was subjected to was "unfair" and "tried to paint something that just wasn't true."

In an in depth article in the May edition of Chatelaine, Mrs. Gretzky apparently expresses disappointment in the way she and her family were treated by the media machine. Which no doubt smelled a little blood in the water over her name becoming entwined in the illegal betting investigation, an investigation that also brought former Phoenix assistant coach Rick Tocchet into the spotlight.

Tocchet's alleged involvement is still to be determined as the case wanders its way through the American justice system, but one year after the fact Mrs. Gretzky is looking to get her side of the story out, using Canada's national women's magazine as her vehicle.

In the article Gretzky touches on the long distance marriage and family life that the Gretzky's are working with. A relationship that has its challenges as Wayne runs the Coyotes and the family remain in their California home.

Chatelaine probably isn't high on the reading list for many hockey fans around the world, but the website is probably going to get more than a few hits today and May might just provide the biggest spike in circulation in a long time...

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