Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Aquilini with a blast from the point!

If the Canucks are looking to improve the power play on the ice, perhaps they should take some lessons from the team’s executive offices. In the upper offices it would seem that the power play is a finely tuned way of business.

In what will surely become one of the more popular of court events in Vancouver, the current owner of the Canucks, Francesco Aquilini is in the midst of nasty court case with two former business partners, who have gone to court claiming that Aquilini went behind their backs to purchase the Canucks, freezing them out of the purchase.

Ryan Beedie and Tom Gaglardi have taken their former friend and partner to court, providing a case that the Province covers nicely in the Vancouver paper.

From that article there is this bit of information: The key point of the debate revolves around the November 2004 deal that saw John McCaw sell 50 per cent of the team to Aquilini with a right for Aquilini to get the first chance to purchase the remainder, which Aquilini did last year.

But Beedie and Gaglardi say Aquilini had no right to enter into negotiations with McCaw on his own. And it is that point and some mysterious negotiations at the time between Aquilini and McCaw, that has sent the case to the courts.

We have no idea as to the success rate of the lawyers involved in this case, but hopefully they have had better luck than the Canucks Power play currently 1 for 20 in the playoffs. That would a statistic that would have most clients feeling a little nervous.

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