Saturday, May 12, 2007

Eight missed roll call!

While the majority ruled in the case of tossing NHLPA head Ted Saskin off the good Ship Association, there is an interesting story coming out of Thursday’s vote to terminate the players association chief.

It turns out, that while a good number of player reps picked up a phone and made their vote by phone, for a variety of reasons eight player reps chose not to participate in the executioners court held across North America on Thursday.

It’s a situation that seems to outline some of the many problems that the Players Association has these days in providing relevant leadership on key issues. From the forced departure of Bob Goodenow, to the unusual entrance and subsequent departure of Mr. Saskin, the players union once again comes under scrutiny for a lack of vision and accountability of late.

The next phase for the union is to decide where they are to go from here, any number of ideas have been bounced around as the association tries to right itself and move forward after a very tumultuous few months.

Stephen Brunt of the Globe and Mail has put together a very informative look at the machinations of the association, how far too many of the league’s players take a less than interested approach to its make up, which probably is the most likely reason that the association finds itself in such a state as it has of late.

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