Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Now all they have to do is play hockey!

The preamble to the Eastern Conference final is providing for enough news that might see the continents pulp and paper industry spring back to life.

It may not be the dream match up for the NHL head office, as far as size of markets goes, but, as far as mini dramas to play out before a game is played, this one is becoming the thing of a classic.

Whether it’s Ray Emery’s opinions of Buffalo, or Lindy Ruff and some touristy type suggestions for the Sens goaltender, everybody is talking hockey in Buffalo this week. The two teams are busily preparing to take to the ice on Thursday night in game number one, of what should be a highly entertaining best of seven series for the Eastern title.

Recent history has made these two teams bitter rivals, past playoff drives for Ottawa have ended on the road to Buffalo as frustrating a situation as any Sens fan has had to face.

This past season the Sens turned the tables on the Sabres winning the bulk of the regular season games and becoming public enemy number one in the Sabres lexicon thanks to a particular night in February.

All of it ratcheting up the expectations for an Eastern final that may just salvage what so far has been a rather mind numbing and tedious couple of rounds of playoff hockey.

Here’s just a sample of some of the tone (and tonnes of comment) on the series before they even drop a puck…

Plenty of bad blood between Sabres and Senators

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