Friday, May 04, 2007

Doan does it all!

While Canada’s misguided political class debated whether Shane Doan should be on the Team Canada roster, the captain of Canada’s squad put on the kind of performance that should give Canada’s politicians though to maybe getting back to some real work.

Doan, single handedly seemed to bring Canada back in their surprisingly tough match up with Bealarus on Friday, Doan provided for a hat trick that tied the game, gave Canada a lead and then an insurance marker on the way to the eventual 6-3 victory. Doan scored his three goals in the space of 6 minutes and 35 seconds in the second period, scoring on the power play, short handed and at even strength. It was a remarkable performance by a player that has been feeling the unwanted and many say undeserved attention of Canada’s Members of Parliament, who begin to look more foolish for their efforts with each passing day.

Doan has been caught up in the middle of some shameless political maneuvering in the capital this week, as the three opposition parties tried to stir up some old news and make it headline material again.

While Hockey Canada officials, broadcasters, journalists, fellow hockey players and run of the mill fans came to his defence, Doan just went about his business, which on Friday seemed to be leadership force on the ice of Moscow.

Doan’s hat trick relaunched the Canadian attack in the second period, allowing the Canadians to get their game back on track and secure a perfect record in these early rounds of the World Championships.

While the end result was probably never in jeopardy, Bealarus put up an impressive fight despite the lopsided shots totals of 40-21 registered by Canada during the game. The Canadians have continued along in the tournament as they had hoped to do, with consecutive wins, but no doubt must be a bit worried about lapses in their own end and an inability at times to control the play from the opposition.

However, with Doan’s three goal outburst and ability to lead by example there should be quiet confidence in the Canadian dressing room as they continue their play in the qualifying round of the Championships.

Sunday Canada plays the Czech Republic followed by a Monday match up with perennial rivals the USA.

The last two games may be the biggest test for Canada so far, the Czechs will be angry at themselves for a 2-0 loss to the Germans, while the Americans need no motivation to be ready for any game featuring Canada.

Both will be quick to capitalize on any mental errors, giveaways or power play situations. Canada will be counting on their level headed captain to show them the way through to the next round.

With a little luck or dare we say it; common sense, perhaps the politicians will leave him to the task he’s been asked to deliver on.

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