Tuesday, February 03, 2004

Add Hamilton to the list

No doubt worrying that Winnipeg might beat them to the puck, folks in Hamilton are starting to put together a plan to woo an NHL franchise to the Steel City. Reports from the TSN website have a Toronto lawyer, Richard Rodier approaching Hamilton City Council to take over the management of the Copps Coliseum.

The plan from there is to purchase an existing franchise relocate it to Hamilton and operate both it and the rink. Rodier refused to divulge who the money people might be behind the bid nor a time frame for any relocation.

Hamiltonians are no doubt hopeful this latest attempt will work out for them. They last attempted to bring the NHL back to Hamilton in 1990 losing out at the time to the Ottawa Senators, a loss that still rankles many of the people of Hamilton. They believe their bid was better financed and at the time they had a suitable rink, Ottawa did not. Many Hamilton hockey fans have never forgiven the NHL for what was perceived as a rigged competition. But the hope for a team is always there, many hope a Hamilton Tigers hockey club is soon in operation at Copps.

Hamilton officials are reported to be cautious about the latest bid. Which is to be expected when anyone from Toronto offers something to Hamilton.

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