Wednesday, February 25, 2004

Minor hockey wish lists

Feeling a little overwhelmed by all the negativity around the impending labour situation at the NHL, if you're thinking that the game is a lost cause, here's a bit of a tonic to tide you over the rough periods.
If you are involved in minor hockey or think your local organization could use a bit of help, here's a program to pass on to your local executive. Have them check it out and see if it could be of help.

The NHLPA has a grassroots program called Goals and Dreams, where they provide money for various minor hockey initiatives. A pool of fifteen million dollars is there part of a five year plan to improve hockey around the world. First started in 1999, Goals and Dreams has provided everything from hockey equipment to rink boards. Ice resurfacers to Ice systems.

To find out more check it out at the NHLPA website, they have a video to watch, all sorts of information about the program and a comprehensive list of what's been provided so far. A great program by the players association putting something back into the game, not only in North America but around the world.

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