Tuesday, February 10, 2004

Listen up Hockey fans, Trevor Linden on the air!

HockeyNation fans will definitely want to check out the CKNW audiovault and listen in to the 10-11 am block for Tuesday, February 10th. The Bill Good show, features a full hour with the always informative Trevor Linden.

Linden who seems to posses one of the best hockey minds in the game today, gave honest and forthright answers about the current labour negotiations. He explained some of the concerns of the day and even went back to the last work stoppage and how it ended some careers.

Through the hour he touched on many issues and answered caller questions.

He spoke out about the brewing controversy over the status of the Brian Burke contract. Canucks management at Orca Bay claiming that they won't settle his status until the end of the season. Something that is starting to raise the alarm in the media in Vancouver. Linden expressed surprise at the length of time that the process seems to be taking. He praised Burke as an architect of a pretty successful franchise and you get the impression the praise was not that of an employee, but as someone who knows how hockey works.

Linden talked about the Sedin twins and their adjustment to the NHL. His opinion is that the boys have finally come into their own now, adjusting to the learning curve that is the NHL. He said that he doesn't understand the constant concern over their level of play. Fully supporting them, he says that they are a solid addition to the Canucks lineup.

A fast paced hour of listening for you, with some reasoned analysis of the state of the league, the aging of key players and the issue of visors. Indeed, he managed to talk about visors without the need of a seven second delay, something seemingly hard to do these days.

Quite a few phone calls that praised him as a "class act" and you can't argue with anyone on that count. Just listen to his comments about how he felt when his errant high stick struck a player last week, you'll understand why the fans and his team mates respect him so much. He is the perfect spokesperson for the NHL of today, no bombast, no ego, just an entertaining and informative speaker. No shilling here, just a true fan of the game, who just happens to excel at it on the ice as well.

If you listen in, you'll learn more in this hour than you probably will for the rest of the week, maybe even the month. Check it out, highly recommended for hockey fans everywhere.

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