Tuesday, February 10, 2004

Who made the call in Motown

HockeyNation may want to apologize to the management of the Detroit Red Wings, for suggesting that it was they who announced the end of the season for Domenic Hasek. Actually we may wish to apologize, for thinking that the Red Wings have any idea as to what's going through Domenic's head.

For it seems now, that this was yet another Dom moment, going off on his own, making his own announcement. Not really checking in with the head office so to speak. The Wings were caught unprepared for the "announcement" Tuesday, described by General Manager Ken Holland as "a very disappointing outcome". Head Coach, Dave Lewis said he was expecting Hasek back on the ice after the all star break, the next thing they know Dom says he's done. It's expected that Hasek will be receiving significantly less than the six million dollars he signed for, or as Holland puts it, "I'm expecting some relief." Suffice to say, the Wings had no idea this was coming down the tube and now they have to handle the damage control. Don't say nobody warned them.

Hasek has done this kind of thing in the past, his days in Buffalo were full of these kind of surprises. He is a fellow who certainly beats his own drum. Many rolled their eyes, wondering if the Wings had lost their minds when Hasek came out of retirement. Now the doubters can claim the right to boast, that they knew it was only a matter of time. But fourteen games, surely even the most cynical Hasek fan would have expected a longer run, maybe til the first game of the playoffs.

The Dom show has been a distraction for the Wings all year long, in a way they're fortunate that he pulled the plug (er groin) when he did. At least now, the Wings will know who they are going into battle with and can begin to say all the right things to Curtis Joseph. For Cujo, it must seem all so bizarre, he must just be shaking his head at how this insanity has played out. There will be no amount of sucking up possible, to make amends for how the Wings handled this whole situation.

Dom says he's coming back next year, with a rested groin and a fresh look. We suspect it will be in a fresh uniform as well.

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