Saturday, February 07, 2004

An Instant Fan favourite

Credit Todd Simpson with knowing how to make friends in a new town. Simpson went to the top of the Sensfan popularity list with just six simple words. "I thought everyone hated the Leafs", politicians should be so succinct and universally loved. Simpson uttered the battle cry when faced by a crew of reporters anxious to know if he was ready for the wars ahead. He went on to offer another gem gobbled up by the press, " I've never really been a big fan, no. I don't need to go naming names. No need tipping them off." Ah it's like the soothing words of a mother to her babe before drifting off to sleep.

Simpson who was traded to the Sens last week from Anaheim, also got down to work in the Battle of Corel Thursday night. In the second period he engaged in mortal combat with arch villain Tie Domi, actually it was more of a pre-school wrasslin match, but at least he showed up, which is all Sens fans want these days.

As well many Sensfans remember that it was Simpson who laid the lumber on that reluctant Sen, Alexei Yashin when he had been forced to return to the Sens after a contract holdout. An event that at the time, surprisingly found favour not only with Ottawa fans, but Yashin's then team mates as well.

With his bona fides already established in record time, Simpson will be able to write his own ticket in the capital. If by his presence, the team should get a bit more space, a bit more respect, win a few more games and most importantly beat the Leafs, then he'll be worth far more than the dollar amount of a contract.

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