Sunday, February 22, 2004

The Near Miracle

With the release of Miracle, the Hollywood tribute to the American gold medal winning team of 1980 Winter Olympics. Comes the usual hyperbole over that great moment in Hockey History. It has become part of hockey lore in the USA, the modern crucible of their hockey in the States today.

But well before the American's crafted their miracle there was a little Canadian team, that came oh, so close, to toppling the Soviet Hockey Machine. A group of college aged kids, who while unknown to the nation, gave it their all in service for their country.

They may never get a movie made about them, but now, thanks to an article by Tom Hawthorne, on the Tyee, they'll never be forgotten.

Check the article out and think fondly of that 64 Olympic squad, put together by Father Bauer. A fourth place finish and a wee bit of Olympic politics, tarnishing the great experiment. Dashing dreams and leaving some still bitter to this day. It's a fascinating read for any hockey fan, check it out!

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