Saturday, February 21, 2004

Hit the road Dom?

Well either he can't take a hint, hasn't been confronted yet or the Red Wing management has chosen to play with Curtis Joseph's head. Whatever the answer, Dominik, has not left the building.

Hasek, who announced his own conclusion to the current NHL campaign last week, is still hanging around the Red Wing dressing room, watching the games on tv, attending charity events and lounging around after practice in the Red Wing relaxation zone. All of which is raising eyebrows on a team that thought they were back to business after the shenanigans of the last little while.

The fellow who claimed last week that he never talks with Curtis Joseph, seems to not want to leave the confines of the cozy Red Wing family. Mind you some players are a tad confused about it all, one player saying "is he here again today".

The Red Wings are set to go on a road trip, so the real test of his status will be if he's at the team meal on the first night out of town. If so, Hasek's pulled groin will appear to be a pain in another part of the anatomy for some of his teammates.

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