Tuesday, February 10, 2004

Winnipeg a winner either way

Well if the folks in Winnipeg don't get an NHL franchise in the next couple of years, they can console themselves with the AHL All Star game in 2006.

Winnipeg was granted the AHL classic yesterday, as the AHL Board of Governors, voted unanimously to bring it to Manitoba in two years.

It made for a nice consolation prize after Gary Bettman poured cold water on any expansion, or relocation plans in his state of the league conference on Saturday. Rumours of an NHL team relocating started to pop up about a month ago with talk of Pittsburgh possibly moving to the city. That plan was quickly crushed by the Penguins themselves, but other teams have apparently been kicking the tires.

For now Winnipeg is an AHL town, and they've got a show to put together.

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