Sunday, February 15, 2004

Sabres mount comeback and a bit of comeuppance for Leafs

That cocky Maple Leaf squad of late, got taught a bit of a lesson last night, never let your guard down. After coasting to a three goal lead, the Leafs sat back and watched their neighbors from across the lake come back in wave after wave. The Buffalo Sabres took complete control of the game, as the second period dwindled. Picking up where they left off, the Sabres completely dominated the Leafs as the third period began, scoring quickly and punishing the Leafs for their miscues. The Sabres have the scent of a playoff team all of a sudden and have been playing very competitive and rewarding hockey of late. Wins like Saturday nights, will go a long way to helping them make the jump into the post season.

A combination of stupid penalties (a wonderful Maple Leaf trait), horrid defensive work and unfortunate goaltending, all served to put the Leafs on the short end of a 6-4 loss. Many of the Maple Leaf faithful have offered up some wonderful suggestions for Mr. Quinn and Mr. Ferguson to consider.

Rosie Dimano composed a wonderfully lyrical account of the Sabres comeback, but one wonders if your average Leaf fan will be able to reference the Greek imagery put to print. Indeed if the Leaf adorned fans of Conan O'Brien week in Toronto are any indication, the average Leaf fan will be more inclined to think of the name Simpson when reading up on Homer. The again, the way that the Leafs performed last night, seems perfectly appropriate for comparisons to Greek tragedies.

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