Saturday, February 28, 2004

Leaf fans begin to breath again

The Eagle is back in his roost, the offence has once again found the net and the Maple Leaf nation is once again breathing regularly. All is well in the centre of the Universe! Funny what a little confidence at the back end will do for a team.

Belfour recorded his sixth shutout of the year Saturday a 3-0 win at the Air Canada Centre. Belfour faced 17 shots as he collected the 71st shutout of his career. Martin Brodeur had an off night facing 27 shots and surrendering three of them. It was a solid game for the Leafs, one which back up goaltenders Telvquist and Kidd might have wished to have seen from time to time over the last month or so.

The confidence showing as the game progressed, the Leafs looked more like the team everyone was raving about two months ago as opposed to the team they were all whining about the last two weeks or so. If nothing else, the return of Eddie is going to bring down everyone's blood pressure, which was getting into dangerous territory for the Maple Leaf Nation!

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