Monday, February 02, 2004

Is the market for Cujo closed?

Cujo, unpack those bags, cash in the bus ticket to Grand Rapids, you're going to stay in the Motor City for a while. GM Ken Holland says the starters' job is now Cujo's to lose. Holland who two months ago was making calls, testing the water for a Cujo trade, now realizes that as goes Cujo so go the Wings.

With Domenic Hasek still recovering from his ever present groin injury, the Wings have to start thinking of the near future. His return to the line up is not known, and Holland is now worried that Hasek may not be in game shape by the time the playoffs roll around. Not to mention the fear that Hasek may re-injure himself, throwing a wrench into the Red Wing playoff aspirations. Cujo now appears to be a very wise insurance to have held onto, a policy that is now needed,

He's a popular player with his team mates, handled himself well during the controversy and now has Holland back on his side. Popular with the fans as well, things seem to be working out well for him in Detroit all of a sudden. Can Holland carry three goaltenders? When Hasek comes back will there be a disruption to the relative harmony in the Red Wing dressing room? How does Manny Legace fit into the grand scheme of things now? All of these questions are being asked in Detroit these days, but having Cujo riding the hot streak instead of a bus seems to be the best move the Wings could have made.

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