Saturday, February 21, 2004

Jovo's in the air!

Ed Jovanovski, tired of listening to callers berate his teammates, took to the air on a Vancouver radio station on Friday, defending the honor of the out of town Canucks. Incensed at a caller who called the Canucks a bunch of clowns, Jovo, called the main switchboard of Team 1040 and asked to be put on the air.

The fans were apparently in a foul mood after the Canucks 6-2 loss to Minnesota the night before, and were venting their feelings on the air. Some with a little more venom than others. Jovo had enough and called in to set a few straight. Telling a self-described season ticket holder, that he could go ahead and sell his tickets, if he wanted to be unfair and make derogatory comments about the team.

Not sure how Brian Burke might feel about Jovo's intervention into the realm of season ticket sales, but then Burke himself was rather busy over at CKNW facing the fans on that station. No doubt though he's wishing Jovo was back in the line-up, and had a little less time on his hands.

However, it's nice to see that they can still play a little defence in the Canuck's organization, there certainly was more the morning after, than the night before.

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